Moment with Pastor Chris

It feels good to be back on the church calendar to ordinary time. We all like excitement and new things, but we also want some time that is ordinary. It gives us rest and relaxation. A time to gather ourselves. A retreat, if will. I am liking retreating more as I grow spiritually. I used to like mostly doing. That was good, because there seemed to be so much to do! But the reality was most of my doing was just doing and not as spiritually relevant or mature. Now I sometimes count my steps to decide if something is worth doing!

As we renourish ourselves in ordinary time, let us renew our spiritual connections and make sure we nurture our family and spiritual connections. Let us love as we have been loved by Christ, forgive as we have been forgiven, and be vulnerable enough to ask for the help we need.

Let us learn from the disciples' experience with Christ to hold to the priorities that Jesus gave us so that we may extend our effort in the things that matter the most to the spirit that guides us.

Blessings, Chris