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Moment with Pastor Mike

We're looking ahead. We're looking ahead to the divine drama of Lent and Easter as it unfolds with month and into April. As I said last Wednesday in our Lenten service, "Come and walk the Lenten journey. Of necessity, it passes through the valley of the shadow of death on the way to the light of resurrection life. But trust in the Lord Jesus, who has been there before us, who walks the journey with us, and who will greet us in the light." So please join with us as we worship on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, as we join the crowds calling Hosanna on Palm Sunday and as we gather at the Table for Maundy Thursday. That will Prepare your hearts to experience more fully the job of Easter's good news — Christ is risen!

We're looking ahead farther to look backward. In April, we will start preparing to celebrate Florissant Valley Christian Church's 60th Anniversary! That's right. In mid-April 1958,a group of believers convened to begin the journey of faith that we're still on today. Because of schedule conflicts, we have postponed the actual anniversary celebration to Sunday, May 6, during our worship service and a reception afterwards. In late April, we will have some activities and times for reflection that will lead us up to the celebration on May 6.

We're looking backward to look forward. Celebrating our history isn't an end in itself. Rather, it will be a time when looking at our past will help us look toward the future. As we affirm who we've been, we'll be better prepared to become the people of God who will follow God faithfully into a new future. Exciting times!

Pastor Mike

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